Ben 10 Zombie is a VERY rare zombie.

It is as rare as a Zombie yeti, And only one can be at the screen at a time.

He has a Omnitrix what he uses to transform into various Alienzombies.

Weakness: Tallnut

Health: Normal (12 shots)

List of aliens

If a alien dies, The zombie will not be able to transform into it anymore, And, he only turns back. No damage to the zombie. And, he can only stay as the alien for 15 seconds, then 20 seconds recharge.

Heatblast Zombie

Rarity: 30.6%

Can shoot fire blasts at plants what deal 4 Nds.

Also. has 28 shots health, like a conehead.

Swampfire Zombie

Rarity: 10.4%

A more dangerous version of Heatblast Zombie.

It has 40 shots health. And, each 10 seconds, it heals itself per 4 shots.

It also can shoot the same fireblast as Heatblast.

Also, it can use vines to kill plants from the ground.

Ultimate Swampfire Zombie

Rarity: 5,3%

Can only be transformed into if the zombie is Swampfire Zombie.

Can shoot a  fire blast that instantly kills any normal plants.

Also, has 60 shots health.