Big Daddy Zombie 2
Big Daddy zombies are based off of the Big Daddy for Bioshock.

What they Do

They follow and protect Little Sister Zombies, rather that strike your house. If you click on the Little Sister zombie, plants will attack it until it dies, or until you click on it again. The Big Daddy zombies will clear a path for the Little Sister Zombie with its drill. It's drill will clear through anything in its way, even zombies! If used against a boss zombie, the drill does 350 damage per second.


If a little sister Zombie is endangered, the Big daddy zombie will attack in different ways.

  • Charge-If the little Sister Zombie and the Big Daddy zombie are in the same lane, Big Daddy Zombie will charge forward, killing any plant and zombie in its way.
  • Rivet Gun- If The attacking plant's are in another lane, the Big Daddy Zombie will shoot them with its rivet gun, instantly killing any plant that has the strength of a Wall-Nut or under.
  • Proximity Mine-The Big Daddy will sometimes use proximity mines. It throws the mine onto a square near where the Little Sister Zombie is harvesting, and if a planat is planted or removed from that space, the mine explodes in a 3x3 radius.


With full armor on, the Big Daddy zombie has 1000 health. a Magnet Shroom can steal his helmet, redicing him to 200 nds. at 850 nds, the cage on his helmet is damaged, and his portholes crack. at 700 nds, his cage falls off, his armor gets dented, and his portholes crack some more. At 575 nds, his portholes get completely wrecked, and his diving suit starts to

Still Under Construction