DemoZombie is a somewhat threatening zombie, which runs 3 squares, launches sticky bombs at up to four random plants.


Rough Demo

Sorry for bad pic, will get a better one soon

Health: 25 shots

Speed: Flighty, and then stiff

Special: Launches sticky bombs at your plants that detonate after a while.

To Note

After planting his sticky bombs, he will become slower than an average zombie.

When he enters, place a defensive plant to stop him from running towards the 3rd column. Instant kills, or a lot of fast offensive plants can kill him fast enough. Blovers can blow away the sticky bombs.


After accidentally blowing himself up in a King Of The Hill battle, Zomboss reassembled his dead body parts. Now, the DemoZombie still has the urge to blow things up... Especially plants.


This zombie is inspired from the Demoman in Team Fortress 2. He is a RED Demo.