Engineer Pea plantings screen, and engineer pea constructing

Engineer Pea, Engineer Pea constructing, and plantings screen

Engineer Pea is obtained after completeing Survival: Hill (TF2). He can pluild  (plant word for build)  Sentrpeas and Dispenflowers. 

Subaran Almanac Entry

  • HP: 30 nbm.
  • Sun Cost: 125 (125 cause it is Engineer's HP in TF2)
  • Damage: 0.5 per pea 
  • Sentrpea damage:, deals 1 damage per sec, but shoots 50% slow then the TF2 Sentry.
  • Dispenflower healing rate: 70% (upgradable)

Engineer Pea loved pluidling his Plantings. One day he pluided so many plantings, he also got taken away from Crazy Dave on the lawn. Engineer Pea learned his lesson.