The Engineer Zombie is a zombie based off the Engineer class from Team Fortress 2. It can build sentries that shoot at plants, dispensers that heal zombies and give them ammo(if they own a weapon), and place teleporters that teleport zombies into other lanes. If all their sentries are destroyed, it will build a sentry gun or a dispenser, then it grabs its shotgun shooting at plants dealing 1 bite per 4 seconds. 

Engineer Zombie


30 normal damage shots


Can build sentries,dispensers and teleporters.

Almanac Entry:

Engineer Zombie was a good guy at the RED team, defending everything good. He's now the undead smarty...

Cost in I, Zombie:

Can't be used

Based off:

Engineer(Team Fortress 2)


Engineer Zombie loses its hard hat at 17 normal damage shots, its arm at 25 normal damage shots before dying at 30 normal damage shots.

Building Special
Sentry Gun Shoots at plants, dealing them 1.5 damage per 2 seconds
Dispenser Slowly heals other zombies, and gives them 3 of ammo(if it owns a weapon.)
Teleporter Teleports any zombie that walks into it to the teleporter exit. When a zombie is teleported, it needs to recharge 15 seconds before a zombie uses it again. The Teleporter Exit is always placed in the row that has less plants.


  • Unlike Team Fortress 2, the buildings have only one look. In the actual game(tf2), the buildings have 3 different looks(level1, level 2 and level 3.)