Fireflower is a crossover plant from 'Super Mario Bros'.

Name: Fireflower

Sun Cost: 175

Sun Rate: Normal

Damage: Doubled

Range: Long

Special: Shoots two fireballs towards zombies, gives off 50 sun at the same time.

Plant Food Special: Gives off 175 sun and launches fire meteors at zombies in the screen.

Disadvantage: When eaten the zombie will gain fire powers. The zombie will throw fireballs twice, if hit thrice the power up goes away.

Fireflower attacking


"The fireflower was a younger sister of sunflower until she was transported to Mario's world, she stayed there for 5 years before returning back. The poor fireflower cried fire tears into Sunflower's stem as she was hugged."


Replace the current sunflowers in the back row with Fireflowers so that they won't be eaten and giving power ups to any zombie.