FNAP is a game made by TheChattyChatot where you must survive 5 (2 extra!) nights.


One day in John Fritz's town, where he defended from zombies, a pizzeria was opened. It was called Peashot Peashooter's Pizzeria, and had 4 people (safely, not stuffed) in costumes who entertained the crowd. The pizza was delicious - the people in suits were as nice as you could imagine! Though, one day, 5 plants were lured into the backstage by a janitor.

Their faces of blank bore suddenly became faces of nothing but tears, agony and sorrow as the janitor stuffed them into 5 metallic animatronic suits - A Peashooter, Sunflower, Cherry-bomb and Chomper suits. They were wire-framed, leading to the 5 child plants death. Many posters and rumors were about it at that time. Sooner or later, they were called "Peashot (Freddy)", "Chompur (Bonnie)", "Petal (Chica)" and "Cherry (Foxy)". Later, Cherry was deactivated for the once-mentioned "BOOM of 87'" where he exploded in front of a mere kid, only damaging the Frontal Lobe.



He's that "GO AWAY, NOBODY LIKES YOU!" guy. He starts in the Main Stage, sneaks into the shadows of the Dining Area, perhaps might go and hide in the ladies toilets for some reason (Peashot truly a girl confirmed?) or will be pitch black at the doorway to the hall. When in the corner, he will stare at the camera pitch black with white eyes. If you hear the "Graze the Roof" theme in the Kitchen, he's there. He also plays "Graze the Roof" if you run out of power, on the one-special-occasion left door with his head appearing - the body looking like it was devoured by the black of the darkness.


Rock and roll with this chill guy (Who might have a crush on Petal, who knows?). Like anyone, he starts on the main stage. Though, once he goes into the dining room, you're DOOMED MEAT without reaction. He can stare into the Back stages camera, appear in the left hallway like Freddy but with no eyes, or he can stare into the camera in the eastern hall corner before appearing at your door (and killing you if you need to brush up your reaction).




He's simple. He peaks out continuously, until he's fully out of the Bomb Cove and about to run down the East Hall, about to kill you if you don't close the door in time. He's slower if you check on him while running, though it reduces time to close door. He has his own unique room, "Bomb Cove".