fnaz is a crossover of fnaf and pvz.


  • zomboss is the freddy of the game.

  • conehead is chica.

  • basic is bonnie.

  • football is foxy.

  • zombot is golden freddy.

  • headless is the springtrap.

  • crazy dave is phone guy.

  • nate timley is mike Schmidt.

  • sunflower is the cupcake


a pizzeria opens in your pvza town with zombie animatronics during the day its a place of joy but you have the nightshift. the robots behavior is unpredictable at night.


  • the zombot is the size of zomboss and gold in the game
  • zomboss plays "brainiac maniac" during a power out
  • football zombie hums "the ultimate battle" randomly
  • some posters show plants
  • the cupcake is a sunflower in a pot