Garlek is based of the Dalek, an evil robot alien race that fought the Time Lords (a humanoid race of regenerating geniuses) in THE GREAT TIME WAR. Or basically, an evil thingy. Garleks are a combination of Laser Bean and Garlic. They look a bit like a Dalek too. Garleks say 'EGGSTERMINATE!' instead of 'EXTERMINATE!' Garleks will shoot zombie-piercing lasers at them and when a zombie bites it, the zombie pulls a face and wanders to another lane.

/ Sun Cost: 225 / Damage: Medium / Range: Lane / Toughness: High (70 bites) / Recharge: Sluggish /

Upgrades: Garlek Seed, Garlek Thyme, Garlek Can and Garlek Jar.

Plant Food Effect

Regenerates to full health and shoots a laser that destroys every zombie in front of it that has under 500 HP.

Suburban Almanac Entry

Garleks shoot lasers that pierce through zombies and when they bite him, they move to a surrounding lane.

Garlek was a very lonely guy. When he was just a sprout, his caretaker found a foul smell coming from him. So they threw poor Garlek out. He thought he was destined to live his live in bins, only to come out because of garbage trucks. Until Crazy Dave came. That guy doesn't care about smells. So good ol' Dave took Garlek with him to the greenhouse.


  • Garlek is the only plant that has four upgrades for it.
  • Algorithm: Garlic + (Doctor Who - everything except Daleks) = Garlek
  • Garlek is Garlek. There. I said it.