Garlek Thyme is a plant that's based off Dalek Thay, a Dalek (read Garlek for my definition to Dalek) who's a member of the Cult of Skaro. Garlek Thyme will thyme zombies, making them do it so hard that they damage themselves. They also shoot lasers and will divert a zombie if it bites him.

Suburban Almanac Entry

Garlek Thyme

Sun Cost:

350 in total


Average (Laser)



Basic Description:

Garlek Thyme is the same as any other Garlek, but they'll time zombies, which make them run so hard that they damage themselves.

Garlek Thyme will be like any other Garlek, except it'll time zombies which makes them run so fast that the zombies hurt themselves.

Sun Cost: 225 for Garlek, +125 for Garlek Thyme

Damage: Average (laser) 6 unless it's a weak zombie like a Conehead, then they just get 4 (Timing)

Recharge: Slow

Plant Food Effect: Will act like a laser bean (giving 250 damage) , then regenerates to full health, and increases timing damage by 0.5.


  • This is the third plant in the Garlek Clan.
  • This is the second upgrade for Garlek.
  • The name is based of Dalek Sec.