Item Block Zombie
Item Block Zombie
Created by Gubump


150 nds or 2 ik.


Extremely high.


Very Slow.


Throws a power-up to the strongest zombie on the screen upon reaching the second column. Smashes every plant he comes across.



Based on:

Item Block(Mario series)

Item Block Zombie throws a power-up to the strongest zombie on-screen when he reaches the second column. The power-up he throws depends on which zombie he throws it to.


Absorbs 150 nds or 2 ik.


  • [Zombie it throws it to]-[Power-up name]-[Power-up effect]
  • Bowgantuar-Dry Suit-Turns Bowgantuar into a Dry Bowgantuar, which takes half as much damage as normal, and is immune to fire.
  • Pac-Man Zombie-Power Cookie-Turns Pac-Man Zombie's head blue, making it deal double damage and allowing it to damage Ghost Nut!
  • Street Fighter Zombie-Shoryuken-Instead of shooting Haudokens, Street Fighter Zombie will run up to plants and Shoryuken them for high damage!
  • Z-800-Judgement Day-Makes Z-800 instantly lose his zombie disguise but keep his current ammount of health, meaning that if he has full health when he gets the powerup he will be almost impossible to stop.
  • Minion Zombie-Serpent Missiles-Gives Minion Zombie the power to fire a Fire Missile, a Power Missile, and a Freeze Missile all at once!
  • Engineer Zombie- Wrangler- The sentry gun will be controlled by the zombie, and can hit any plant!
  • ??? Zombie-More Armor-Gains 90 health.
  • Fat Zombie-Growth-Gains 180 health, covers 5*5 area.

Add more! Only one per Zombie!

Almanac Entry

Toughness: Extremely High

Speed: Very Slow

Special: Throws a power-up to a zombie.

Weakness: None.

Item Block Zombie is definitely a team player. He launches power-ups to his fellow Zombies so they can get brains!

Cost in VS: 1500

Cost in I, Zombie: Cannot be used.

Cost in Zombie Mode: 1500