The item Krabby Patty -Pult is a crossover item from the longest running show Spongebob Squarepants.

Name: Krabby Patty -Pult

Sun Cost: 425

Damage: Greasy (25 nds)

Recharge Speed: Fast

Firing Rate: 2x

Range: Lobbed

Special: When lobbed, the following zombie that was attacked will attempt to speed up doing slight damage when running. When the zombie died, it will leave a grease slick, covering a 3x3 area.

Plant Food Special: Lanches orange greases into the air, doing splash damage when it hits zombies. And the damage is tripled.

Almanac Entry:

"Actually, Krabby Patty -Pult wasn't suppose to fight on the lawn, she was meant for take out. But when Dave gave her small amount of sunlight accidently, she was given life."


This plant has the same splash damage of a Sap-Fling, and the same damage of a Melon-Pult. Although the damage says greasy. Krabby Patty -Pult can be used for average and hard levels. Planting a few of these on lanes with strong zombies could make a difference. But due to the high cost, extra sunlight might be needed;.

Krabby Patty Pult


1. The plant, is known as the famous and mostly known dish. 'The Krabby Patty'.

2. It is unknown why the Krabby Patty was given life because of just little sunlight.