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which started on September 17, 2012. Plants vs. Zombies Crossover is a fanon wiki where you can showcase your fan-made counterparts/crossover plants, zombies, games, features, and etc. We now have a whopping 330 ideas in our wiki and 6,781 contributions have been made.

NOTE: This is Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator Wiki's affiliate made specifically for crossovers of the Plants vs. Zombies franchise with other franchises, which are not allowed in Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator Wiki.

The Plants vs. Zombies franchise is by PopCap and EA Games. All original material from the official PVZ games are property of their owners. Other franchises are by their respective owners. All original material coming from these franchises are property of their owners.

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  • It's 2019. And we still kept the outdated 2015 Plants vs. Zombies Wiki Badges as a placeholder for our badges. Cool right? Good job team!


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Featured Article: Dipper Pine

The Dipper Pine is based of Dipper Pines in Gravity Falls, it summons a random creature using its journal, that creature will attack zombies then it will recharge for 1 minute to summons another different creature.

Learn more about it at Dipper Pine

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