Mr. Cuddles Zombie

Created by:


Based on:

Mr. Cuddles (Jetpack Joyride)


High (70 shots)




Alternates between ground and air, and can breathe fire

The Mr. Cuddles Zombie is a zombie with high health that can breathe fire.


Absorbs 70 normal damage shots. Appearance changes upon absorption of 17, 34, 50 and 65 normal damage shots before dying upon 70. This zombie is dangerous. It has the speed of a Pole Vaulter Zombie, and alternates between the ground and the air every two columns it passes through. In addition, while going down, it will breathe fire for a second, instantly killing any plant it comes into contact with. While in the air, only Cactus and Lobbed-shots can hit it.


The best thing to do is plant a Winter Melon to inflict heavy damage on the ground and in the air, slowing it down as well. Another easy thing to do is just plant an instant kill (Chompers of any sort will not work) while it is on the ground, which takes away 65 of its 70 health points.


  • This is based off of the Mr. Cuddles vehicle on Jetpack Joyride.