Mushroomy Kingdom is a Area created by DreamyLuigiSG, is based totally in the Super Mario Series


¡Enter the lands of the Mushsroomy Kingdom and get ready for a challenge with new mushroomy Plants and Zombies!

Pipe Tiles

The pipe tiles are exclusive to this world, it transports plants proyectiles and zombies to another pipe with the same color.Lobbed shots ignore pipe tiles

New Plants

Name Description Short description Damage Sun Cost and Recharge PF Unlock
Fire Flower Fire Flower shoots fireballs and shoot a fire blast in short distance

Fire Flower hates the Garlic.Just it HATE it....In all senses...

Shoot fireballs and shoot a fire blast at nearby zombies Medium 150 and Fast Shoot a barrage of Fireballs or a shoot of fire at short distance Day 1
Tanooki Leaf Tanooki Leaf kicks zombies out of the lawn when planted

Tanooki Leaf is the best friend of Gold Leaf, he got a friend after a lot of years

Kicks zombies of the lawn Massive 50 and Sluggish Instant Use Day 6
Rock-Shroom Creates rocks to damage zombies

You need to listen the Rock N Roll of Rock-Shroom you will explodonate with that music power

Slowly creates ultra damaging rolling rocks Heavy 300 and


Creates 3 rocks of great power Day 10
Boomerang Flower Touch Boomerang Flower to launch boomerangs at any direction

Boomerang Flower and Bloomerang have a battle for the greatest ability in boomerang throw, he are friends anyway

Launch boomerangs at any direction Heavy 275


Throws boomerang at 8 directions Day 17
Piranha Plant Piranha Plant eats a zombie when it pass above it, can be planted on Pipe Tiles

The life of Piranha Plant in a Pipe is pretty boring...But very calm and confortable

Eats the Zombie that pass above it, can be planted in pipes Massive 150


Eats 8 zombies 6 tiles in front of it.In front, above and below Day 22
Stone Leaf Stone Leaf transforms a plant in a stone version.Giving him a higher defense

Stone Leaf likes the chocolate.A lot

Transforms a plant in a stone version of the same plant None 175


Instant use Day 27
Turnip-Pult Turnip-Pult lobs turnips that create Turnip Mines out of defeated zombies

Turnip-Pult likes the football.Shee is thinking about taking a vacation in the Sports Zone

Creates Turnip Mines out of defeated zombies Medium 225


Launch 3 giant turnips that create turnip mines instantly Completing Level 10 of Castle of the Undead
Turnip Mine Turnip Mine is created by a Turnip-Pult.Explode in his place, dealing 5 damage in the Tile Explode in the tile, dealing damage None None None (Created by Turnip-Pult)

New Zombies

Image Name Description Ability Thoughness Speed
Mushroomy Zombie Basic mushroom eater Zombie

The legend says that one zombie will save a princess from a monster...But every time the princess is in another castle...

None Average Basic
Mushroomy Conehead His racer cone makes him double health

After a little problem with the Zomboss Motors, Mushroomy Conehead needs to have a cone in his head every time he wants to compete in Kart Races

None Protected Basic
Mushroomy Buckethead His "bucket block"makes him very resistant to damage

Hit a block with your head some say, nothing will happen some say

None Hardened Basic
Coming Mushroomy Gargantuar Great eater of all mushrooms

After eating a Super Mushroom, Mushroomy Gargantuar is a 2% bigger

Smash plants with a pipe Great Hungry
Coming Muhroomy Imp When launched it will jump to get your brains

He likes more the mushrooms than brains.Seriously

None Average Hungry
Shell Head Zombie The shell in his head makes him extremely tough

The shell that Shell Head Mushroomy uses is not actually a real shell.Is made with papel mache, the thing that makes the "shell" resistant is a metal plate

None Machined Basic
Coming Gold Pusher Zombie Push a gold statue that speed up nearby zombies

The Gold statue is not made with gold.Is just gold painted bronze

Pushes a gold statue Dense Basic
Coming Kart Zombie Go in a Kart to kick out your plants

Just don't do anything with his Kart, he will try to destroy you

The Kart kick out plants Solid (Kart)

Average (Zombie)

Coming Zomboshi Jump over pipes and some anooying plants


Jumps over pipes and defensive plants like Wall-Nut Solid Hungry


Icon Name Description Dificulty
Coming Can't Stop the Rock N Roll Complete a level using only Rock-Shrooms to defeat zombies Medium
Coming Leaf out the Lawn Kick 15 or more zombies with a single Tanooki Leaf Easy-Medium
Coming ¡Plant Complete! Defeat the Mushroomy Gargantuar to get the World Key Hard
Coming Zomblockade Complete a Mushroomy Kingdom level without letting any Zomboshi crosse the 6xt column Hard
Coming ¡Jaja!¡This way! Complete Mushroomy Kingdom Hard