Pac-Plant is a video game crossover character from the famous game 'PAC-MAN'.

Name: Pac-Plant

Sun Cost: 350

Damage: Massive

Special: He summons ghosts, Blinky, Pinky, Clyde and Inky in random lanes. The ghosts does massive damage when it went through zombies. When a zombie is in front of him he'll eat the zombie up and swallow it quickly.

Plant Food Special: Pac-Plant turns bigger and looses the leaves, he will walk around the screen eating all the zombies in the area. After returning to normal he throws cherry bombs near surviving zombies.

Almanac Entry:

"A plant kept on playing PAC-MAN, he was a big fan of him so he did a experiment on himself, this is how he ended up this way.."


Pac-Plant is useful in hard levels, so try using him by saving sunlight then plant him in the middle row with a pumpkin or wall-nut.

Image Gallery:

Pac-Plant in battle.