Peashooter Mask Zombie is based on the function 'Freddy Mask' from Five Nights at Freddy's 2. The only difference that the zombie wears a peashooter mask, not the freddy mask.

Name: Peashooter Mask Zombie

Toughness: Protected

Speed: Basic

First Appearance: Unknown

Special: When taken 5 hits, the zombie will quickly put on the mask. And the plants around him doesn't attack the masked zombie due to the illusion of thinking the mask was a walking plant itself. However doesn't work on all plants, plants like explosive ones, immediate plant food on the plants and spikeweeds/spikerocks/wallnuts/endurians.

Almanac Entry:

The Peashooter Mask Zombie was a security guard in a place called, 'Pea's Pizza Place'. You know how he got killed, a pea to the head ended the whole thing. But the mask protected him and her weared it ever since.


Peashooter Mask Zombie

Peashooter Mask Zombie can be killed with explosive plants but the mask can only take three instant kills which will cost you extra. The Mask isn't metal either so Magnet Shrooms aren't accounted for either. The Mask has three times the health of a bucket so keep that in mind.


Peashooter Mask Zombie can become annoying and dangerous if defense is not strong enough, rarely they come in groups.

Peashooter Mask Zombie is based on the mechanic from Five Nights at Freddy's 2, the mask is used for animatronics because when they get inside the office, the player wears it to avoid death. Not all animatronics can be fooled by it though.