Pellet Posy
Pellet Posy

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Different Pikmin shot out have different effects. Can be paired up with Garlic to gain power.

The Pellet Posy is a plant based off the Pellet Posy in Pikmin. It shoots out various pikmin to attack zombies.

Suburban Almanac Entry

Pellet Posy

Pellet Posy fires various kinds of Pikmin with different effects.

Special: Place Garlics near it to enhance its power

Pellet Posy has always been at a rough job. "I constantly try to shoot Pikmin to attack zombies, but then some weird space captain sends all the Pikmin to attack me. Why does it have to be all about him?" she asks. "I mean, I've seen far fancier posies. Try ones with a 20 on them."

Cost: 350

Recharge: Fast

Plant Food Ability

It sends out a hoard of 20 Pikmin to attack all zombies they get near.

Pikmin Types

  • Red - Deals 3 damage, immune to fire based zombies. (Explorer Zombie, Prospector Zombie, etc.)
  • Yellow - Deals 2 damage, immune to electric zombies, and does twice as much to metal-weilding zombies.
  • Blue - Deals 2 damage, can attack water zombies if they are near.
  • Purple - Deals 5 damage.
  • White - Deals one damage, but leaves zombies with a poison that damages them over time.
  • Rock - Deals 4 damage, can break shields.
  • Pink - Deals one damage, but if many are shot, they will take zombies and make them fly away.