Slender man and his Slenderbies.

Slenderbie sneaks to the back, and makes your screen go static.


Health: 40nds Speed: Average Special: Teleports to the back of your lawn once dealt 20nds. Makes your screen static at 5nds, to steal a random plant. Weakness: Split Pea, instant kills


Torched peas deal only 1 nds on him. So using them against him is wasted. Be sure to keep some split peas, as he will teleport to the back of your lawn. The only way to prevent him from stealing your plants though, is using instant kills.


Despite Slenderman being all-powerful, Slenderbie can be killed one-shot by an instant kill, and has a low health.

  • This could be that these Slenderbies are just the lesser forms of the Slenderman.

Based on Slenderman, from Slender.


Despite his appearance and scary antics, forcing your vision static is just like a friendly handshake to him. Beware though, your botanical treasures may be gone.